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Squash Mix Baby Food Recipes

By Sasha Savoy
on March 30, 2016

Squash Mix Baby Food Recipes

In our house, butternut squash is baby's first real food. It has always worked well for us because it has a sweetness that can be similar to the sweetness of breast milk. The consistency also always comes out smooth and perfect for beginner eaters. Sometimes when you make baby food from scratch, the food can have a thicker and lumpier consistency if you did not steam or blend enough. With squash, you never have that issue and the puree is perfect! It's also a low allergen food, so there's very little (if any really) chance that baby would have an adverse reaction. 

We love mixing anything with squash and some of our favorites to throw in there are green veggies and/ or pears. 

Below are three favorite recipes that your baby is sure to love! It's the perfect way to mix in a lot of those veggies and fruits that baby needs. 

We typically use organic frozen butternut squash because it just makes things easier! 

Recipe 1:

Butternut Squash, One Pear and Handful of Spinach/Kale mix

Squash baby food recipeHomemade baby food recipe

Recipe 2:

Butternut Squash, One Pear and Handful of frozen green beans

Butternut squash baby food recipe Storing homemade baby food

Recipe 3: Butternut Squash with Handful of fresh or frozen Blueberries (you can add pears too if you wish)

P.S. We love storing in those mini mason jars! We hate plastic (but we do have a few containers) and much prefer the safer GLASS. Microwave baby's food without nasty toxins getting in there. Choose glass! 

When it comes to making baby food, don't worry about measurements and how much you should have. Stick to a base, butternut squash in this case, and have more of that item than the rest. From there add in your 1-2 other items. You can also do three equal servings of each item in the recipe. It's completely about what you want (or okay, more like what you have on hand). 

Thanks for reading! Happy baby food making! 



Starting Baby on Solids

By Sasha Savoy
on January 03, 2016

Starting Baby on Solids

Starting solids foods with your baby is an exciting time! It's also a time of so many questions for the new mom who is unsure of when and what to start. While I am no doctor, I am just sharing some of the things that worked for us as well as lots of stuff I learned from research and articles. Most of what you'll find below is the norm while there are some things that I recommend doing against the norm. There's several "old" things about feeding babies that needs to go and luckily, many moms are doing things their way and the new way. 

Pull out the frozen peas and food processor (or the jar of food) and let's feed a baby!

  • Timing of when you start is important. Chances are your mother and grandmother have probably been asking you when you'll start your baby on solids. Back in the day, people sometimes started solids at 4-5 months and some text will even still insist on this. Current research and the AAP guidelines recommend not starting solids until six months or later. Starting solids too soon can (crazy as it sounds) really affect their health later in life. Recent studies show it can be linked to diabetes and obesity. 
  • Breastfed babies don't need solids the first year. Exclusively breastfed babies actually don't need any solids for the first year of life. Many will look at you like you're crazy, but it is true. As long as mother has a good supply then baby is getting all that they need! The composition of mother's milk changes as babies grow. This is why you can breastfeed well into toddlerhood. 
  • Cereal and Oatmeal are not always the best choice. Another old thing to do was to start your baby with cereal or oatmeal. While some mothers do need to turn to this for reflux issues, cereal and oatmeal are actually empty calories that don't provide any nutritional benefit other than added iron. I'm not even sure why doctors recommended it - all I can think is because of the fortified iron and the low chance of it being an allergen food. If you choose to do one, oatmeal is the best!  Babies guts are not meant to process these items at such a young age and it can sometimes cause stomach issues. Our culture is the only in the world who insists on starting babies with oatmeal and cereal. We start with veggies in our home. However some mothers do still choose to start with this; it us up to the parents to decide what is best. 
  • There's no link between solids and better sleep. As an (almost) certified breastfeeding counselor I can tell you that science says there is no link! As a mother of two I can tell you that it's a case by case scenario where you think that perhaps the baby slept better because of the solids you started. There's a really good chance that you'll really never know! Perhaps it will help, perhaps it will just cause more poop. 
  • You don't have to do baby food. Weird, right? Skipping baby food? You can go straight to baby led weaning and try actual solids for your baby (soft items of course). You can also do a combination of BLW and baby food. Please read up and learn about baby led weaning before starting it. 
  • You can make your own baby food. If you follow my networks you already know I do this! It's the best! It is cheap, easy and so healthy. I love doing it and I love knowing what's in the food and the kitchen it was made in! I promise if I can do it, anyone can!
  • Be careful how many new things you do at once. This is for obvious reasons related to allergies of course. I try to do a new item every 2-3 days and that's it. This allows me to know exactly what may cause reactions or belly problems. 
  • There are food/age guidelines for a reason. While the guidelines are just a general guideline, there are things that you may want to be aware of. Babies should not have dairy products until at least one year or age and shouldn't have strawberries and nuts until two years of age. A baby's intestine actually has small holes in it that will close as the child gets older. Nuts and strawberries are really bad for small intestines because they can actually get stuck in the small holes and create problems. Other allergy items include: eggs, corn, wheat, gluten, cinnamon and sometimes avocado. It is up to you to speak to your doctor about it and decide when to start these items. 
  • Don't fret on a feeding schedule at first. Try what works for you for a few weeks; even if it is just one meal a day or two meals a day, don't stress that you have to jump to three meals automatically. Try a small pace of creating a feeding schedule that baby likes. 
  • Breastfeed first. I always try and offer the breast first followed by a meal thirty minutes to an hour later. This ensures a good supply to continue to last you for your breastfeeding journey! Your milk will likely drop to meet baby's demand, as their demand will likely decrease with starting solids. But always offer the breast first!
  • Enjoy it. Starting solids is such a fun stage for me! Pull out the camera and camcorder and have fun! P.S. Get a good bib! 

Visit my Pinterest board for baby food recipes, articles and much more!

Peachy Banana Twist

By Sasha Savoy
on September 02, 2014

Call this another one of my "use what you have" and score a win recipes, will ya! Once again I was down to some produce that needed to be used before it went bad and ta-da. I scored a win with a favorite recipe that Little Bug is currently loving. 

While I was in the process of preparing the recipe, my Little Bug started eating some of the diced peach, which led to a discovery that my child LOVES peaches. So yea, she's been getting diced peaches a lot here lately. 

For this recipe I used two small apples, one banana and a peach minus the bit she had eaten. I steamed and blended for 15 minutes in my Baby Brezza and we instantly had a yummy, peachy smell throughout the kitchen!

It's simply amazing what you can do with food. Now, if only I could make all of our meals as "real" as hers. We do eat healthy and pretty dang organically, but does anyone else ever feel like your kid eats so much better than you? I mean, I don't eat that much fruit at breakfast because I just do want it. I don't snack on grapes as much as her either. I snack on the cookies I bake. Really, can I just have my toddler's diet?

Living in an Over Processed World

By Sasha Savoy
on July 18, 2014

Gone are the simple days.
Gone are the simple days of easily buying local produce and having the ease of supporting local farmers. Gone are the days for many people of growing their own crops or having fresh milk delivered to their doorstep. Gone for many people are the days of relying on baking soda and vinegar for everything and instead trusting the mainstream brands that pop up on the television...

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Mama Made Baby Food: Mango Avocado

By Sasha Savoy
on June 25, 2014

In our home avocado is one of those foods that is always a "guarantee baby will like" kind of food. I'm not sure exactly why, but our Little Bug loves avocado and anything made with it. Personally, I am not an avocado person and my husband is most definitely not. Just the sight of guacamole makes my husband's stomach turn. I have a feeling my little avocado baby will be a guacamole fool (yea for...

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Organic Baby Apple Sauce

By Sasha Savoy
on June 20, 2014

I can still remember as a child that I always had to have baby food apple sauce. I didn't want any other kind of apple sauce unless it came in a baby food jar (this went on probably until 5 years old). Since then I no longer of course purchase baby food apple sauce, I have since graduated to bigger and better things. 

While recently preparing some apples to make for my daughter, I decided to add a...

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Mama Made Baby Food: Apples and Carrots

By Sasha Savoy
on June 17, 2014

This recipe was inspired by a Plum Organics baby food pouch after I purchased one on a whim for a vacation and discovered that my daughter loved it! I'm not quite sure I would have thought of this on my own; it is quite an awkward recipe if you ask me. 

If you think about it though, carrots have somewhat of a boring and bland taste alone. There is nothing too juicy about them or too sweet. Once you...

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Mama Made Baby Food: Peachy Bananas

By Sasha Savoy
on May 23, 2014

Here is a super tasty meal for baby's breakfast or snack time. My Little Bug LOVES this and she is actually starting to turn down most purees as she is doing the "independent, I'm a big girl and can feed myself" thing, so I was surprised at how quickly she ate this up the past couple of mornings. 

For this recipe I used three yellow peaches and one banana. I steamed for 20 minutes in my Baby Brezza...

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Why We Skipped the Baby Cereal and Oatmeal

By Sasha Savoy
on May 22, 2014

Starting your baby on solids is usually an exciting thing as it is a new adventure for the both of you. Many mamas choose the common route of starting their baby on baby cereal or baby oatmeal. One of the things that I saw floating around in forums and breastfeeding groups was that many mamas today were starting to nix the cereal and oatmeal. Of course I was left wondering "why?"

Here is what I...

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Mama Made Baby Food: Frozen Mixed Veggies

By Sasha Savoy
on May 17, 2014

With the exception of frozen peas, I had never purchased a bag of frozen veggies to use for making baby food. On a whim one day I picked up this bag of frozen mixed veggies and decided to give it a try in my baby food processor. 

Well, let me just say that this is much easier than chopping up fresh fruit. While I still favor using fresh produce, this is a quick fix for when you're in a bind and...

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