Here is a look into some of the options that you can offer your toddler when they reach the independent, "want to feed themselves" stage. It sure is nice when mama doesn't have to spoon feed every bite, but beware because now Mama has to clean up a much bigger mess. 

Once your toddler starts attempting to feed themselves, make sure to make the food as soft as possible. Make the food small enough that it is not a choking hazard, but large enough that it is easy to grab. While it becomes difficult and a hassle sometimes to remember to steam baby some veggies, it sure beats giving them the pizza that you're currently eating. One day your child will become a typical kid who receives the occasional treat of pizza, cake and cookies, but why start that before they can even ask for it?  

I try to keep our food as least processed as possible and I am proud of that. I am by no means perfect, but I'm striving for a healthy diet and a baby with good taste buds! You are what you eat and research shows that the longer you hold off on sugary items, the less likely your baby will have a strong sweet tooth. Processed foods are full of preservatives, artificial coloring, artificial flavorings and more. While these may not be a big deal to you, that's okay. It is important to note though that many of these ingredients can be linked to various cancers, disabilities and more. 

No parent is perfect. It is nearly impossible to not indulge every now and then. Strive for the best you can and your child will thank you later for setting them up for a healthy road ahead. 

Whole Food Breakfast Options (Also Ideal for Snack Time):
Blueberries cut in halves (quarters depending on size)
Honeydew Melon

Whole Food Dinner Options:
Steamed Peas
Steamed Carrots
Soft Lima Beans 
Shredded Chicken
Soft Green Beans
Soft Butter Beans
Squash cut into small soft pieces
Zucchini cut into small soft pieces

Other Options:
100% Wheat Bread
Bite Size Cheddar Cheese

What are some options that you feed your toddler?
I'd love to hear of new ideas!
Thanks for reading, Sasha

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