Let's Stop Talking About Breastfeeding

I don't know about you, but I am so tired of hearing about breastfeeding. 

Women should't breastfeed in public. 

Women should cover up. 

Women should just pump. 

Breast is best. 

You're breastfeeding for too long.

You didn't breastfeed long enough.

And my newest favorite, "Breastfeeding in public can be sinful because men may lust after you." (Um, okay - insert blank stares with a wide open mouth-)

I don't get it. Why are we even talking about it at all? Seriously people, why are we discussing something so natural and real? Why do I even need to write this silly blog post to vent my frustrations? Why is it everyday that my newsfeed is full of articles of people being asked to leave businesses for feeding their children or photos reported of women feeding their baby, while I can scroll a bit further and see some girl's Facebook picture that shows more ass and boobs than I can ever dream of having? 

Because people are overly opinionated, judgmental and ass backwards sometimes. That's why. Because our society has over sexualized breasts to the point that women think it is sinful to breastfeed in public and that it's a disgrace to your husband for doing so. Because the mom wars are a never ending in the debate of breast vs formula. Because people want to shame people and troll around on Facebook. 

Haven't people learned yet that you don't mess with the army of breastfeeding mamas. I mean, any business who tells a breastfeeding mother to leave is pretty much asking for their own dooms day; because thanks to social media and the giant army of breastfeeding mamas, that business will go to the slaughter house for a bit. 

And then there's the mom wars. 

Yes we know breast is best, anyone who doesn't live under a rock has seen the commercials or the brochures; but why do we insist on pushing this slogan? I've come to realize recently that by pushing that slogan, we are truly feeding the mom wars. It's a mother's right to make the decision of how she will feed her child and while yes, I wish every mama would attempt breastfeeding for many wonderful reasons, I respect the decision not to. I am all for sharing the occasional article that shows the benefits of breastfeeding because that information changes daily as new benefits are constantly found, but pushing the breast is best campaign can slightly feed the wars in my opinion. Feeding with love is best. And if you're feeding with love, then you've made an educated decision on what is best for YOU. 

Everyone just needs to sit back and chill when it comes to breastfeeding. It's our God given, legal right to breastfeed. It's no different than feeding a bottle, changing a diaper or eating a taco. It's me nourishing my child for as long as I wish and it's not up to you to judge or pass negativity on. Just as it's any mama's right to choose formula without being judged as well. Yes I choose to be as modest as I can, but when my child is hungry she WILL get fed right then and there if needed. So back up and look the other way and go grab a taco. We can sit and chill with tacos and boobs at the mall as one (okay, so that's extreme but you catch my drift). 

STOP talking about breastfeeding, unless you are educating and advocating. It is okay to have different opinions and feelings in regard to the situation, but we can't stop mothers from doing what is legally their God given right. 

Stop judging others for breastfeeding for too long or not long enough, or not at all. Stop judging a breastfeeding mother as an attention seeker simply because she is feeding her child at the mall. Stop the hiding, the insanity and the downright cruelty. Let's lift each other up. Breastfeeding is hard work and we don't know every mama's story or situation. 

Feed with love and don't pass judgement. Tell a mama, "Good job" no matter if you agree with her decisions or look the other way and enjoy that taco. 

Act like it's the normal, natural process that it is and we can all just live peacefully with our boobs full of milk, our bottles full and our hearts kind.