Cloth diapering is scary. For a newbie it can be extremely confusing and very intimidating. Today I'm here to break down what you need for cloth diapering and what you really don't need! Every mom has their own essentials, here are mine!

1. Diapers -- in particular try a Funky Fluff! Funky Fluff is just amazing. Period. But anywho, your first essential is a diaper. Research brands, types of systems and try a few to see what works for you! 

2. Cloth Diaper Safe Cream -- Not every diaper rash cream is cloth diaper safe. In fact, most of the ones that you get from big box stores are not safe at all. The harsh ingredients can break down the fibers in your diaper and possibly stain them as well. Choose natural options for your diapers which are better all around. You can find many here. 

3. Biodegradable Liners -- This is not necessarily an essential. You don't need these, but you will want them! Some people are iffy about dealing with poop, especially in public. Not everyone wants to stick a totally pooped out diaper into a wet bag and bring their child's crap home when they're out and about. A liner is placed between baby's bottom and the diaper. Once baby poops, you simply peel of the liner or shake it off and flush it with the poop into the toilet! That way, don't have to take your kid's crap home! These are also great for times where you don't have a cloth diaper safe rash cream. You can find those here. 

4. Wet Bag -- As mentioned above, you need these when out and about to take home dirty diapers. Just throw the wet bag in the wash with your dirty diapers and waa-laa. Find some adorable prints and USA made bags here! 

5. Diaper Sprayer -- This really is not an essential, especially for exclusively breastfed babies. Babies who are exclusively breastfed have the good kind of poop (like there really is a good kind of poop!). As crazy as it sounds, these diapers can go straight into the wash without any spraying or swishing in the toilet. But once a baby begins to eat solids, you can't do that. All of the baby's bowel movement has to be rinsed off into the toilet and this is where the diaper sprayer is a gold mine. If it isn't in your budget though, you can swish in the toilet by hand like they used to do in the pre-modern cloth days. 

6. Pail Liner -- Wet bags can only hold so many diapers, but a trash can with a pail liner can hold 1-3 days worth of dirty diapers. Just grab your pail liner and dump it with the dirty diapers into the wash and waa-laa. 

7. Cloth Wipes -- Some people (like myself often times) still use disposable wipes. But this does get tricky because unlike disposable diapers, you can't just roll your wipe in the dirty diaper and toss it. Accidentally washing a wipe with your diapers sucks! It shreds and leaves lots of pieces in there. This is where cloth wipes are excellent. Just toss into wash with your diapers!  I like cloth wipes for pee and disposables for poop. Read my cloth wipe solution post here

8. More Diapers -- Because you can never have enough! There's so many cute prints and there's so many different brands and systems to try. One person's favorite can be another mama's worst diaper! Try some of our favorite brands in our store! 

9. Soakers and Extra Inserts -- These are helpful for heavy wetters and for night time use. Double up your absorbency to avoid leaks! Hemp and Bamboo are awesome for heavy wetters! 

10. Detergent --  Notice I didn't mention detergent in the graphic. Some people will try to sell fancy cloth diaper detergents to you. While you should be cautious of what you use, it turns out that you don't have to treat your diapers soooo delicately. Look for a detergent that is free of bleach, fabric softener and any other additives. We like to use Seventh Generation and many other mamas I know like to use Tide Free and Clear. There are detergents made for cloth diapers and we carry one in store, but research first and see what might work for you! 

For more about cloth diapers for beginners, check out our cloth support section.