I'm a firm believer in the idea that it takes a "village" to breastfeed a baby. I know the expression is that it takes a village to raise a child, but I prefer the expression it takes a village to breastfeed a baby. For most mamas, this expression stands true. 

When you're a first time lactating mother, you really don't know what to expect and how to overcome hurdles. Sure there are a gazillion books out there but some are so "sciencey" and so boring that it's hard to read and stay interested. Then some of us know hardly anyone who has successfully breastfed a child, leaving us with few people to turn to in times of needs, despair and encouragement.

If it was not for the power of the Internet and for Facebook groups that I belonged to, I highly doubt I'd still be nursing my toddler right now. I personally faced many battles and aside from one sister in law who was six weeks ahead of me in her breastfeeding journey, I didn't know anyone to turn to. And most pediatricians can only do and say so much as many of them are not lactation consultants or even breastfed their child past ____ months. 

Support from others who are in your situation is key to breastfeeding success. Search the Internet for forums and search Facebook for breastfeeding support groups. I know that in my area we have a support group for Baton Rouge Breastfeeding mothers and this includes local areas around the major city as well. This group, along with forums, is what answered my questions many, many times. 

I am so proud to share that I am a new author over at Breastfeeding Place. This breastfeeding website is there to help you with so many obstacles and questions that you may have. The website is easy to navigate based on your needs and all articles are written straight from women like me; women who have been in your shoes. There is also a Facebook group that you can join and ask your questions at. 

Make sure to check out my first post over there, Dealing With Breastfeeding Engorgement, and share it as well as this amazing site with your pregnant and nursing mama friends!

Who helped you through your breastfeeding journey?
Thanks so much for reading, Sasha

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