Down here in the south, we haven't really had much of a winter. I mean, we haven't even really had "frost" on the ground. It's kind of disappointing because each winter most southerns are secretly hoping for one beautiful, white day. So since winter doesn't seem to be making an appearance, let's talk about summer (yep, I'm totally skipping spring here). 

Today I'm going to share some swim suits that are just freaking AH-MAZING. They are trendy, cute, stylish and are perfect for my hippie loving heart. And even better, they are ECO FRIENDLY, American made and from an eco-conscious company. Woot Woot. Eco friendly swim suits, but how can that be?!

Aqua Green is a 4th generation family owned business that has been leading the way in swim wear fit, design and sustainability for the last 75 years. Their ECO PEACE line brings about brand new sustainable technologies to the swimwear market and their company is amazing at helping out our environment.

Just a few awesome things about Aqua Green and ECO PEACE:

  • They have removed over 5 tons of trash with beach cleanups 
  • They promote eco friendly fashion, volunteerism, and environmentalism 
  • The ECO SWIM line uses recycled nylon lining and recycled polyester shell fabrics
  • ECO SWIM uses eco cell foam bra cups and dry natural rubber elastics 
  • FSC Certified Tags made of recycled material
  • They basically turn your recycled water bottles into fabric for their suits! 

Aqua Green is MADE IN THE USA. Yes, it is actually manufactured here...holla. By simply manufacturing here, they have reduced their fossil fuel by 96.9%.

Along with green company initiatives and making every effort to use eco-conscious materials, which reduce ocean pollution and keep plastic out of our landfills, Aqua Green® is committed to several beach and river cleanups each year. Aqua Green® values volunteerism and activism, co-hosting beach cleanups with their retail partners, spreading their environmental message, promoting eco-fashion and creating community while helping to restore our oceans and waterways to health. Aqua Green and their partners have removed over 5 tons of trash.

And if these trendy, boho inspired suits aren't quite up your alley, then make sure to check out their ECO SWIM line for modern and stylish suits that don't have quite so much "edge" to them. For me personally, the ECO PEACE line is a must have. My hippie, boho heart swooned over every swim suit and I may have to restrain myself from getting like ten new swimsuits this year! 

Okay, so who is ready for the beach after all of this talk?

Please visit ECO PEACE for your swim wear needs this year! Be unique and wear a swim suit that has meaning, purpose and somewhat of a unique story behind it!

ECO PEACE® by Aqua Green® is a collection of thoughtfully created swimwear combining sustainability, glam, bohemian spirit and fun, festival-chic trends. The made-in-America young designers collection is locally designed, sourced and produced in sunny southern California using sustainable materials and new “water free” printing technology that gives the line its sustainable edge.

Here's to hoping that all of us look this chic and hip this summer! YES PLEASE.