TMM Turns One!

Wow, we made it to a year. 

A year ago I was jumping on a leap of faith and hoping that this little dream of mine would be something one day. I was so incredibly grateful to my husband who took my idea of a physical store and made the idea work better for us and our situation by encouraging me to open an online store. I will forever be grateful to him. He always supports me SO much! 

The only things I have ever wanted to do with my life included being a SAHM, a wife of course, a business owner and a dance teacher! It's surreal to think that I am doing exactly that! I am so blessed and don't know what I did to deserve so much happiness!

But I'm not going to sugar coat anything, it's not all fluff and roses. We opened a year ago for business and well let's just say, it's taken us and still is taking us, some time to really get our name out there. In the beginning we had weeeekkkks without an order. Something I had expected obviously, but it still can be a little dream crusher when you sit and wonder if this will all pan out as you hoped. Toss in the fact that I was pregnant and sick as a dog, it was hard to really push the store for awhile. Our timing of baby number two and a new business, may not have been super thought out. ;) 

It was months, like I mean months, before our first cloth diaper was sold that wasn't to my best friend. MONTHS. The main items we had invested in were not even selling, and now I can hardly keep up with the demand sometimes! It's funny how things change once you're name is out there and once you bring in new brands. Funky Fluff gave our little business a major boost and our timing of a lot of things around March really helped get us out there!

Since around March we have been growing steadily and since July, things have really got me hustling! I LOVE it. I still do happy dances when orders come in and just last weekend when I received a rush of orders in a 24 hour period, I was on the brink of crying (and frantically wondering what was going on). That's how MUCH I appreciate YOU.

Being a work at home mama isn't easy. As I type this post my toddler keeps asking for more strawberries resulting in my getting up after every five sentences or so. PBS has been on more this morning than usual so I can prepare for this week and I'm pretty sure she just pooped in her diaper, so perhaps I should go check on that. 

There's moments where I feel incredibly guilty for telling my toddler that she has to play while "I work." I try to work the most during nap times and after bedtime, but sometimes I have to work during the day. It's hard not to let the guilt eat at me, but I know that I am working hard and one day hopefully my kids can say, "Wow, look at what my mama did." 

Oh and yes, she did crap her pants. Time out for a diaper change. 

Let's see where was I? 

I have many dreams and goals for this little business. Each time an order comes through, I can feel my dreams getting closer and closer. Each order brings more hope and each time I see someone share our store page and talk about us, I feel so humbled, happy and 1,000 other emotions. 

I'm working from the ground up on a business. It's scary at times, at times I hope I know what I'm doing and at times I hope I have all my ducks in the right row when it comes to all of the "business side" of things. It's sometimes over my head, but that's what Mr. Mushy Mommy is for! ;) 

I'm working hard to make my dreams a reality. Something that I hope you do too! The phrase, "never give up" is really true. Hope, determination, and hard work are powerful tools! As well as relying on faith to know that God has a plan and hears yours as well. 

I have many plans that you can hear more about tomorrow. There's lots going on this week for you to see and lots of amazing new things coming that I am OVER the moon excited about. This little store holds such a special place in my heart as well as our customers!

Thank you to each of you who have shopped with us, shared us, referred us or just stand by and support us on social media. I have so many friends and family who turn to me for shower gifts and baby presents and we have SO many new customers all over the U.S. who help support us. 

I now know the importance of "shopping small." Really and truly, when you shop small, you do BIG things. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each of you for shopping small and for shopping with us. No matter how big or small we become, I will always be here to humbly thank you (and to do still do happy dances over your kinds words and orders). 

Much Mushy Love to all!