We like to think that our homes and the perfect Pinterest worthy nursery that we dream up for baby is the safest place for them, but just how safe is it really? How safe are the products we use daily with our infants? 

Sometimes as a parent, especially a first time parent, we can be naive to obvious ways of injury. For instance, doesn't it just seem okay to sometimes place the carrier on top of the shopping cart even though it doesn't securely latch in there? Sure it does seem like it is okay to do for quick trips - that is until you read all of the articles against doing that. While we can try and be supermoms all we want, sometimes we just don't know any better or "think" about just how dangerous a simple action or product can be.

With the correct tools and the correct knowledge of how to use and handle products, we can better protect our infants and children from injury or worse. In the attached link you'll find an AMAZING webpage that lays it all out there for you and shows you all of the statistics you need to know and think about for safety.

It'll only take a minute of your time to scroll through this easy to read and catchy web page, and I promise that it is worth your minute! Find it here and see some clips below. Learn about the potential risks around you and be more knowledgeable about how to use common baby products safely and correctly.