To The Mom With the Toddler and the Baby

To the mom standing over there trying to soothe an infant and calm down an active two year old, I see you. 

I see you standing there with sleep deprived circles under your eyes and with a face full of emotions. 

I see you looking around desperately pleading for time to pass to a point where things are calmer, easier and peaceful. But then regretting that thought...

I see the pleads in your heart for help; the kind of help you need to make it through the hard days. I see you on the verge of tears at moments. 

I see your heart on your sleeve because I can tell your children are your world and that no matter how tired and imperfect you believe you are, you still put them first. 

I see how well they are dressed and cared for with every strand of hair brushed and matching clothes. I see how you devoted your chaotic morning to dressing them and by the time it was your turn to get dressed, you became so anxious to leave the house that you just threw on whatever. 

I see how you're staring at the beautiful girl in the trendy outfit with the latte in her hand and I know what you're thinking, "Lucky duck; she looks so perfect and put together and can sit in peace for five minutes to sip her latte."

But then I see how you glance at your children and again, I know what you are thinking - that you really are the lucky one in this scenario. 

I see how your heart yearns to do better, to be more and have more patience. I hear your prayers to make it through this crazy period of life. 

I know how you feel when others make you feel like you shouldn't feel these things. When others ask, "Well did you think motherhood was easy?" and you just want to cry because they make you feel like you are not allowed to have a bad day. 

I know how people try so hard to relate to you, but in actuality every situation is different and children five years apart are a much different situation than children two years apart. Every household and every family is different. But motherhood in general is hard, so yes we can relate in many ways. 

I know how you feel when you're overwhelmed with advice, parenting articles, mom groups and your own personal beliefs as a mother. When you just want to tell everyone to back off and let you do your thing. 

I also know how sometimes you want nothing but to ask for help. 

I know how you're frustrated with all the "Well try this..." or "Maybe it's this..." or "Well I wouldn't do it like that..." and you really just want to hear, "You're doing a good job Mom."

I know how much you hate the mom wars, the competition and the Pinterest perfect life that you can't just always live up to.

But I also know just how much others inspire you to be more, do more and live more. 

I know how some days you go to bed weary and exhausted and sad about your faults that day.

But I know just how hopeful and thankful you are for the next and new day approaching. 

I know just how happy your heart is and that sometimes you think it may burst right out from all of the love and joy it feels. 

I know how your heart is beating outside of your body as it walks and tumbles about your feet and as it learns to crawl and reach for toys. I know how your emotions are now tied up into the independent and strong willed toddler and the ever so sweet baby who doesn't sleep. Your heart lies within each one of them and beats for them. Your tears, joys and laughter is all tied up and dependent on their tears, joy and laughter. 

I know how you'd do anything and climb the tallest mountain for them. I know you'll love them unconditionally for the rest of your life and with every fiber of your being no matter how insane they may make you at moments. 

It's all you were made to do, and you and I both know that. 

And I know that you fear for them and your heart hurts to think of any life without them because that wouldn't be livable. I know you're scared of this world and all of it's ugliness at times, but I know just how much you'll try to protect them and just how much you'll try to find the shadows of beauty among the ugly. 

I know these things because I am you. 

So smile a little more, tell God your fears and worries and realize that each and every day your supermom cape is fitted on just as perfectly as ever. God hears your pleas and cries and feels your exhaustion. Only HE can help guide us through this period of life and all of it's craziness. 

Embrace it. 

Because you're doing a damn good job Mom, and I know that.