What Motherhood Has Taught Me

Motherhood has taught me to love from the depths of my soul. Motherhood involves such a true and deep love that is hard to put into words. It's a completely different experience unlike anything you've ever felt. You can literally feel your heart swell up and your toes tingle. 

Motherhood has shown me that God truly exists. Not that you ever questioned his existence, but seeing this life come from you, you know that only God can create such miracles. 

It shows you the cutest toes, the softest skin and the sweetest smell that ever existed. 

Motherhood teaches you to be completely selfless. This new, little being that you've brought into the world now has your full attention and you learn to put your needs way below your child's. Whatever it takes to make them happy, healthy and content is what you will live to do. 

Motherhood teaches you much more compassion and empathy than you've ever had. The smallest nicks and ouchies become major things. Imaginary bo-bos take the same amount of heart as the skint up knees do. 

It teaches you to embrace yourself and your flaws. 

Motherhood teaches you that you're not perfect. As hard as you try and as hard as you fight for it, you're never going to be the perfect mother you dream of. You'll have to say you're sorry and you'll have to admit your faults. 

Motherhood shows you what real fear is like. You don't know fear until you become a mother. Fear of everything from driving the car to catching weird things like ebola becomes serious fears. Your chest can tighten and you can lose your breath just thinking about all of your fears and what ifs...

It teaches you that yoga pants are everything. 

Motherhood teaches you how strong the love is from your partner. When they can see past the dirty hair, yoga pants and curved waistline, then you know they love you in a real, true way that has likely only strengthened since you became a mother. 

Motherhood teaches you that less is more. There's so longer a need for fancy clothes, fancy play dates and expensive items. Life isn't about that and motherhood shows you just that. It opens your eyes to nature, to wholesome food and to classic toys. It opens your eyes to open play spaces and fields for running. 

It teaches you to appreciate the outdoors and the learning environment it provides. 

Motherhood teaches you to slow down. As hectic as things can sometimes get and as crazy as you may feel your days are, motherhood also shows you to slow down and savor the moment just a little longer. Whether it is one long hug, a few movie night cuddles or a late night nursing session, motherhood teaches you to live in that very moment. 

Motherhood shows you the world in a new light. Suddenly you see the world through your child's eyes and you realize that their version is truly the best way to see the world. 

It introduces you to the best hugs and cuddles that ever, ever existed. 

Motherhood teaches you patience. Even when you think you don't have any left, your toddler does one more thing crazy pants thing, and you realize that there was more patience hiding down in there somewhere. 

Motherhood teaches you that you are practically invincible. You develop the power to thrive on less sleep and tend to others when you feel like death yourself. You develop the ability to overcome each and every hurdle thrown your way; each and every toy thrown towards your head; and even each and every major meltdown. You persevere through the breastfeeding aches and pains and you overcome the stages of teething. 

It shows you just how big emotions really are when you see them come out of such little people. 

Motherhood puts God right back in your corner. He'll help you through your toughest days, your darkest hour and he'll hear your cries to do a better job the next day. He'll hear your plea to make your toddler sane again and he'll hold on tight to your pleas to watch them grow. 

Motherhood teaches you about YOU. It shows you just what you believe in and who you want to be. It teaches you the resilience to stand by your beliefs and instincts, and to parent as your own person. It shows you just who you are in life and who you want to be.

It teaches you that you are capable of so much more love, patience, fear and perseverance that you ever knew existed within you. 

It's teaches you everything, because motherhood is everything.