When You're a Mother

You'll wonder how you survived before. Motherhood is funny to me. We live our whole lives without these little people and we think that all of the spring breaks, fun nights out, good ole' college days and what not were the glory days. Sure those days were amazing and some days I'd love to revisit them, but when you have children you realize that life just began. You'll wonder how on earth you ever lived your life without these little people that you love so fiercely. 

You'll doubt yourself. There will be days that you'll yell. And days that you'll bribe your child to eat their lunch with what ever concoction of a bribe that you can come up with, and you'll end your day doubting yourself. You'll wonder just what your toddler thinks about you and if they noticed you was on your phone a little too much or if they noticed you were on edge all day. You'll always doubt yourself frequently, and that's okay. A good mother yearns to be a good mother -- so wondering if you are a good mother is actually a step into the right direction. 

You'll make mistakes. You will make mistakes no doubt. You will yell at an innocent mistake that your child makes and you'll be the one saying your sorry through tears. These moments are moments that teach us how to be better and do better. 

You're likely distracted a little too much. Whether it's distractions on your phone, distractions with work or distractions with maintaining your housework, there's a very good chance that at least one time throughout the day, you're overly distracted. The modern age is very horrible at giving us good and easy reasons to be so distracted. We are all guilty of it and the first step to fixing it, is to realize that it exists no matter what we think. When you catch yourself being distracted, fix it. It's that simple. Sit down and play...they love your company. 

You'll teach by example. Ever heard the expression that children learn by example? Well it turns out that this is 100% true. But to put things in a true perspective, YOU teach by example. Your child will learn their empathy, their communication skills and their ability to navigate this world from YOU.  Yell less, sympathize more, use calmer words and nurture like crazy. Have another child or give your child a baby doll and you'll be surprised at just how much they learned from you as a mother already. Their nurturing ways and empathy, will show you that you're doing something right. 

You'll get overwhelmed. There will be days that you will hide in the bathroom with a box of cookies while scrolling your phone for an hour (while they nap of course). It's okay -- these moments are okay to have. You may not experience it much with just one, but have two small little ones and you will need the breather. Tell your partner you need a bathroom break and stay awhile, he can manage. It's okay to admit defeat at times...even moms need a break. 

You'll occasionally forget to take care of you. This is dependent on different people. Some moms still find the time to go the salon regularly, get manicures and have girl's night frequently. Sometimes we look at that if we're the mother who never does those things and we think they are a little selfish for doing so much. But you know what, we need to take care of ourselves too. Having some time to pamper ourselves or just to get away for a bit isn't always a bad thing. Some of us never do these things and that's okay too...just don't forget that on occasion you really need to have some "me" time and do something that makes you feel good! We are our best when we feel our best. 

You'll compare, judge and envy. You'll compare yourself to many mothers that you see on social media. Whether it's comparing the meals you prepare for your child or the diapers you use, you'll compare. You'll occasionally judge others by human nature and you'll occasionally envy the mother who appears to have it all together. It's our nature to do these things, but we have to be careful because this can really weigh us down. Be proud of what YOU do and know that for your child, it is enough. 

You'll never be perfect to yourself, but you'll be perfect to your child. I know my flaws and I know my areas that I want to do better and be better at. But I know at the end of the day, my child loves me so much and thinks the world of me. Even if it wasn't my best day, I know in my child's eyes that I was supermom. 

You'll love so much that it hurts. You'll love so much that it actually hurts. This is true and it's the best feeling and the scariest feeling all at the same time. 

There's nothing in this world quite like being a mother. It's the best title and one of the most important titles we can have. And the great thing is that we are not alone, because there are many, many mothers among us to lean on, find inspiration from and relish in the highs and lows with. 

I hope you're having an awesome day as a Mother. 

Because you're pretty awesome and you deserve it.