Meet The Mushy Mommy

Meet The Mushy Mommy

Many people will say that motherhood will change you and for Sasha, The Mushy Mommy, that is very true. The Mushy Mommy was first developed as a blog by a first time expecting mama to write her rambles and share her pregnancy...but it has now become so much more...

Our Story

After learning about the hazardous chemicals in a popular and well known baby skin care brand, I started doing my homework and learning more about what is actually in the products we use on a daily basis. Shocked at the information, I started to make many changes. Bath washes, lotions and more went from being just a green washed brand that said "natural," to products that indeed were natural. 

Then came the diapers. Oh those stinky diapers that just piled up and up and up. Disposable after disposable piled up and the first thought was that there was NO way it was any good for the environment. This led to me into cloth diapering; a journey that I never, ever dreamed I would embark on. A journey that took a lot of time to understand in the beginning because really, who cloth diapers these days? Actually, it turns out that a lot of people do.

Our family loves cloth diapers and think that modern cloth diapering systems are not only easy, but one of the cutest things ever. We strive to have a house that reduces our chemical exposures by eliminating toxic cleaning products, plastics, processed food and more. We strive for simplicity and health; but we don't claim to be perfect (I LOVE sweets, my toddler probably watches too much TV, etc...). 

After finding a niche in the blogging world as a green living, mommy blogger, I realized that my passion for owning my own business and for greener living has led us here: The Mushy Mommy, a natural mother and baby boutique.

Whether you choose disposables or cloth diapers, formula or breast milk, The Mushy Mommy is about recognizing that we all have a little natural "crunch" in us somewhere. There's bound to be something here you love and there's room for every mama! We are delivering unique and natural products from one mommy to another! 

A lot of research goes into the products that we carry. We only carry products that we have researched about and believe in wholeheartedly. 

We are based out of Louisiana and ship nationwide. This is a work at home mama made business! Orders always ship out Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays BUT we also frequently ship out same or next day, so be on the lookout for your package.

Thank you for shopping small, your business and referrals mean the world. 

All contents of the website (including but not limited to The Mushy Mommy's exclusive designs and personal photos) are: Copyright The Mushy Mommy and/or its suppliers. All rights reserved.

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